Wednesday, September 12, 2007

In the Pursuit of Fireworks

070902: It was such a 'go-as-you-speak' outing.

I was aware about this Malaysian Fireworks Competition which had been running for a couple of weeks. Despite having witnessed some impressive ones during my stay in Australia, I still thought this one in Putrajaya would pass some standards as there are other countries competing. But yet I didn't think it was worth the jam and hassle shoving for space with so many 'katak bawah tempurung's.
Anyway when I met Maguro and the gang during the Purple Icon Fair she offered her plan for a perfect outing. I doubt it so much but having wanna catch up with Sheryl (who came back from Italy for a study break) I tagged along this silly adventure.

Logistics: Of the seven of us, none is famliar with Putrajaya. Our odd number requires two cars, which seem like complicating it further. No one printed out the map. After meeting up in Bukit Jalil we headed to our 'lost' destination and there were already throngs of cars. The show only scheduled to start at 10pm, we were already there at 8pm with KFC, Pizzas, junk food, junk food, beers, beers, and beers. We were already lost trying to find the fireworks spot. Somehow, just somehow, Maguro managed to lead both of our cars to an ideal space along the lake. Cars were already starting to occupy along this stretch.

Our stomaches were already growling when out of a sudden, it drizzled! Goodness, we thought we had weathered every difficulty that came before that, and now it started to rain! Somehow, there were quite a number of huge umbrellas in both our cars.

There you see - hungry, cold and shivering souls holding pieces of KFC.

Maguro did the best preparation by setting up a mat, and er, a sitting pillow!

Well, rain started to ease a bit. Our mood was improving by the seconds. Oh, partly thanks to my Jazz songs played over my car's exposed 'backside'. To be frank, it was pretty romantic, despite eating KFC standing and beneath umbrellas!

Things got even better with the introduction of some nicely-chilled premium beers - Heineken! Haha.

Drinks in icebox served from my car butt!

After a few chats, the firework action started. Not bad for a half-hour show, but I have seen better. But having gone through such an adventure up to that point, everything else was a bonus!

But I must say both me and Maguro have organised some of the wonderful & successful events before. We somehow can hit it against all odds... take it as it comes along. Probably a little more spark than the fireworks, haha.
Bring it on, the next one!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Fun & Family Day with the Purple Icon

070901: My fellow ex-purple colleagues organised a fun & family event at Ikano on the 1st Sept. It was really a pleasure not only meeting up with this happy bunch, but also seeing kids running all around so excited with the event. It surely brought smiles to everyone there.

The event was an unveiling of an Icon chosen by voters. This little giant supposed to look like a lion is fully-made of chocolates.

My fellow gym buddy Ad tagged along for some chocolatey joy.

Buddy Maguro looks good in the midst of the purple carnival.

More and more loving ex-colleagues

Beautiful kid enjoying every bit of it. Me too!
Live long my dear purple company....

Jazz Fest & Lagenda

070826: This year's Jazz Festival in Mont Kiara is pretty interesting with our childhood idols as invited performers - Zainal Abidin and Sheila Majid.

It's such a pleasure to watch them perform again. And surprisingly, the followers are still everywhere. When Sheila came on stage, everyone swarmed the centerstage to snap photos of her - non-stop, throughout her show. She still commands such a powerful performance.

My Heineken sponsored this successful event. These were taken during the second week - with ShuhFen, Gary, Kiam, Cat and Ad.

When she encored and sang her finale song 'Lagenda', everyone melt with joy. She's truly a lagenda. Zainal too.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Raising It Higher with Baking Soda

070804: 'Baking Soda??' Yeah... sounds odd. But not to a bunch of us who sent approximately 10 mails plus a day on this topic, prior to 4-Aug-07.

Soda here is actually the dance club in Hartamas. I love to coin funny terms to amuse. It got into the ever-innocent LiJune who asked, "where in Hartamas is this Baking Soda?"!!!

In previous post on Norman's big day, a few of us had a crazy good time at Soda. Despite the place being a little 'out' catering to typical group of consumers (yeah, that type), we thought that as long as we have fun in our own group, it can still be a blasting night. And we have proven it yet again. I couldn't believe it when 60c in his post review said there were actually more than 30pax who turned up! Gratitude in huge part to our innocent gal who got a football team in. She's ever-unpredictable.

Yeah, that's her on my right.

This Megatron (nick) is one hell of a machine - loaded with weapons and ammo. That makes her pretty lethal.

Fun people

More and more fun people

Everything seems to fall into the right place (or angle), haha. It was an awkward position, nevertheless the photo turned out cool.

The sexy & seductive-looking KC... ooh, dangerous too

I can't help but to post this. I don't recall taking many creative shots like this.

Note: Only part of the group

What's with this climax-looking expression?

Ohh... something steaming!
Too bad I skipped it and headed home to my satisfying sleep. Could have dreamt of having a baking course - rising to the next level.

Three Different Sessions for Norman's Big Day

070722: I have to backtrack a bit... this happened couple of months back. Some photos were with others (in this case, Norman), hence I waited a while before publishing this yet another good outing - to celebrate our buddy Norman's big day!

The guys met for dinner at a Thai restaurant in PJ before coming over to Somo, Mont Kiara for beers. The session was still light and cold. Probably because of the quiet and romantic or rather posh kind of environment.

This is at Somo. Don't be mistaken, it wasn't my event, but as usual, I love to steal the limelight a bit.. mm.. er.. ok, a lot.

Aha, the fun only started in Soda. Norman is trying hard to fake a 'Godfather' look with that stick in his mouth, but knowing such a sweet person he is, I'd say he'd need to improve. Haha.

Who is this mysterious lady??

This is her - Elaine, a new kaki who can limbo well on the dance floor. Nothing hanky here, but love her biceps! Oh, it's quite an artistic shot too.

Our Brother getting hammered... check out the hand that appeared from nowhere!

Sweet ending for our sweet buddy. Happy Birthday, Norman! May you stay young and energetic always.